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Episode 422

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Episode 420

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March’s $20 Amazon Gift Card Contest!

As we mentioned on Episode 118, the contest for this month will be focusing on our buddy, Chris Riccio, and his amazing home brew.

What do we want from you?  I’m glad you asked!  We want you to write the script to the commercial for Shino’s beer.  You will be the words, the wit, and the voice that will tempt us out of our AA meetings and into the nearest pub to chug down Chris’ . . .erm. . . beer.  Like the last contest, we are looking for funny and creativity.  We’d like to see you name the beer, write out a skit up to 30 seconds, and send it our way for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Here’s the kicker… NOT only will whomever wins receive a $20 Amazon gift card;  they will also get their commercial produced by Travis and killnine (a.k.a. Glenn Burgess) of the Expletive Deleted Podcast.  So, keep that in mind while you give us the commercial.  We don’t care if you write in lines for men, women, or even want to add music or effects.  Give us your best, everyone!

To help your creative juices flow a bit;  here is a little information about the brew:

The brew is a sweet honey nut brown ale with a complex rich and creamy character.  The honey taste is easily identified and the most prevalent taste in the brew.  The beer clocks in at 5.5% Alcohol by volume.

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  1. avatar Jack Bauer says:

    Are we free to openly mock and degrade the beer without hurting anyones feelings? even though iv obviously never drank any of it.

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