InDis – Ep 422 – Game of the Year 2018

Episode 422

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InDis – Ep 421 – A Giant Bombshell Guest

Episode 421

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InDis- Ep 420 – Insert Weed Joke Here

Episode 420

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InDis – Ep 118 – God of ESRB

Travis, Geoff and Chris talking bout some games.

Distractions. AvP from Geoff, Chris beat White Knight and Travis played some Heavy Rain.

News.  Large contention on what should be our WGAS.  But we figure it out.

After the break… Your contest entries for the God of War III ESRB contest.

Some new releases, listener email and a new Question of the Week round out episode 117.

000:00 – Introductions and Announcements
007:40 – Travis’ Distracitons
031:42 – Geoff’s Distractions
049:15 – Chris’ Distracitons
059:00 – News
079:23 – Intermission
080:35 – ESRB Contest Entries
100:00 – New Releases
102:40 – Emails
129:30 – New Question of the Week

Question of the Week: Why do Hardcore games not work on the Wii?

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  1. avatar Terin says:

    my pic for hottest chick in the gaming industry: Veronica Belmont.

    Sexy as hell and she’s a fucking Belmont. how can you go wrong?

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