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Episode 422

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Episode 420

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Episode 004 – Scandalous

Everybody’s a critic… This week the InDis crew have a chat about the current state of the Video Game Journalism Industry. Hey, throw in some Gaming News, Listener Emails, our Distractions, New Releases and the QotW and you’ve got a little something we like to call Episode 004. Give it a listen.

000:00 – Content and introductions
001:30 – Jason’s Distractions
006:10 – Geoff’s Distractions
015:10 – Chris’ Distractions
032:23 – News
055:15 – Intermission
057:20 – Gaming Journalism
092:56 – New Releases
099:40 – Listener Email
106:57 – Question of the Week

Thanks for listening!

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  1. avatar Ravenblade86 says:

    Great show guys!

    Chris you had me thinking Uncharted had 18 chapters…got to chapter 17 and thought “ah not long left now ill log of now and finish it later” go back on later “wtf its still going! CLASS!”Also I am going to go back and play it over again almost straight away…got it on Thursday (was out in UK on Friday) finished it on Sunday night…14 treasures left to get! That game…for me aswell is the most fun i have had playing a game in ages and i generally enjoy all my games so thats a big thing. Along with God of War 2 i think its my Game of the Year.

    Folklore…really liked the demo…the game…cant get into it at all…story is interesting but repetitive gameplay, bad maps, camera…to many loading screens and comic-book type cutscenes…a game Im actually struggling to enjoy at all and thats very disappointing

    The Activision and Vivendi merger seems to be more to do with Vivendi saving itself…yeh Blizzard are massive and WoW is a cash cow but even with that Vivendi had been struggling but now they have a 52% share in Activision Blizzard.

    Was interesting to hear what you guys thought about strategy games making it on the consoles…personally i think its possible just need the right developer and i dont think you “need” mouse and keyboard…i think the controls just need to be looked in alot of detail along with the user interface…a start port from the PC doesnt work. Will RTS games become massive hits though? that i dont know but are they really that massive on the PC either? do ok but nothing outstanding normally…but something I am really looking forward to is how they go on consoles…especially Civilization Revolution


  2. avatar Chris says:

    Nice comment Ravenblade. I totally forgot to mention this on the show, but I can really see RTS games working for the Wii’s unique control setup too.

    Not sure if that will ever come to be, but yeah, I could see it.

    Also, as promised, here’s my rig… (Click to enlarge)

  3. avatar thesandman00 says:

    Mits DLP? Nice rig.

  4. avatar Chris says:

    Thanks… and yes… Mits DLP. I <3 it!

  5. avatar Geoff says:

    Soooo are ya going to read that msg waiting for you on your Wii? =P

  6. avatar Jason says:

    My rig doesn’t have nearly as much gamer porn as Chris’…

    (…click to enlarge…)

    (…click to enlarge…)

    This is where a lot of the “magic” happens…. The “Studio” (in its natural state… messy as shit).

    (…click to enlarge…)

  7. avatar Chris says:

    Jason… you organized before taking your pictures. XD

  8. avatar Jason says:

    Actually, since we got the new TV, I’ve been trying very hard to keep everything organized…. the lady likes it that way. It’s a shared space so I feel obligated to. Now the “Studio” on the other hand… My domain. I’ve busted her a couple times trying to tidy things up. I’ll poke my head in and give her Daddy voice “Don’t you even THINK about it!”

  9. avatar Chris says:

    The man pit is sacred!

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