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Episode 422

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Episode 420

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Episode 002 – We’re ready to Rock!

We’re late, but we’re back. This week, distractions, news, more quick impressions on Super Mario Galaxy and Uncharted. Initial impressions of Mass Effect and our feature segment this week. ROCK BAND! \m/\m/ Wiggidy waaah waah!

We had a bit of recording trouble this time around, but we got it fixed and out to you. I hope everyone enjoys it. We did get the time down a bit. I think we’re down to about an hour and a half. We’re still aiming for the 60 to 75 minute mark. Please leave us comments and tell us what you think.

00:00 – Content and introductions
01:52 – Jason’s Distractions
05:55 – Geoff’s Distractions (Mass Effect)
21:54 – Chris’ Distractions
40:05 – News
52:04 – Intermission
53:49 – Dear ‘X’
63:47 – Rock Band
86:40 – New Releases
88:19 – Listener Email
92:40 – Question of the Week

Thanks for listening!
Again… thanks to OverClocked Remix for the background Music.

Please email us your comments and suggestions for question of the week to

Here’s the video we mention during the Rock Band segment. Props to you bro! Awesome video! And I love the taped drums! I hope you get use of that 60 day warranty.

And, as promised in the show, here’s Chris “singing” Black Hole Sun at the Rock Band World Tour with friends of ours Alex (left), John (right) and Tina (drums).

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  1. avatar nabokovfan87 says:

    hey guys,

    just wanted to say another good show, some great conversations, and overall a good listen. as for rockback and that holy hell video, god damn that was insane. i was contemplating that genre for the first time after the psnation review, and i would have to say i am completely intimidated. props to that guy.

    just wanted to ask a quick question, if you see on that video the guy was about 2 feet away from his t.v. i find myself moving that close for games on my sdef tv because i cant see a damn thing over the blurring and aliasing of the graphics when i am more then about 7 feet away. what kind of setup do you guys have, and if it is in SDEF do you notice yourself doing this?

    thanks for the show.


  2. avatar Ravenblade86 says:

    Yeh really great show guys. Sound quality still great apart from that slighty not so good mic (Chris’s one isn’t it?) but that doesnt take anything away from the show at all really. Topics all really well covered and your sticking on topic which is GREAT!!! best thing you can do is stick on topic and not start talking total crap like some other podcasts with big names stuck on them…

    The memory log thing in Assassin’s Creed…i thought that was just the save/load option aswell lol if i play through it again at some point (think i will do) ill have to remember that and try and plan my hits better.

    Mass Effect is one of the two games (other being Bioshock) that would make me want to buy a 360 really so i was interested in hearing about that (not that im going to buy a 360 for 2 games mind you) sounds like its just really taking a step on from Kotor which is a very good base to start with. So its not really groundbreaking but more of an evolution.

    Rock Band…well between you guys talking about it and Playstation Nation talking about it its almost made me sort of want to buy it. But it does seem to be pretty heavily multi-player focused and although i could get to play it multi-player i dont think it would just be often enough to account for the price of the game. Plus ofcourse i want to buy myself a HDTV at some point soon so forking out the money for Rock Band wouldn’t help that

    PSN ID: Ravenblade86

  3. avatar Chris says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I like the feedback we’re getting from the first listeners we have. We take everything to heart. Especially now… just starting out.

    nabokovfan… If you don’t mind… I think we may answer that question on the show this week, as well as, if we have time, talk about the email you sent us.

    Raven, yeah… it is my mic. I’ve already talked to Jason about that. We have some other mics that may help the situation, but if worse comes to worse, I just go get a new one.

    Also… HDTV over Rock Band. ;)
    Just my opinion though.

  4. avatar Ravenblade86 says:

    Your mic really wasnt that bad I think it was just because you mentioned it on vgevo that made me notice it towards the start of the show. And yeh hdtv before Rock Band for sure…the only problem with be trying to figure out which one to get lol

  5. avatar Nogrick says:

    Great job again guys. After listening to this podcast, I have to say that it might be a god idea to have a floating time goal in mind, because it seems like you couldn’t fit everything into an hour, but going too long might be too much. I like the enthusiasm you all put into the games you talk about. It’s nice to actually hear how happy people are with their games rather than to read about it. (I don’t really listen to any other radio/tv reviews, but I think you guys got it right.) Anyway I look forward to next weeks episode and hearing you guys again.

  6. avatar Adielr says:

    Great podcast guys,

    I like the balance between consoles and games. You don’t overdo it.

  7. avatar Chris says:

    Raven… As far as which type of TV. If you’re getting it mainly for gaming… I would go DLP. With refresh rates in the microseconds, you’ll never get any ghosting and the 1080p picture is spectacular! Not to mention they are the cheapest. I have a 57″ Mitsubishi. If you’re looking for movie and/or sports watching… LCD or Plasma depending on what price range you’re looking at.

    Nogs… thanks a lot yet again. We did take your comments last week to heart. I hope you didn’t think the Dear Sony letter was going overboard.

    Adielr. I’m glad to hear you say that. One of the “criteria” for the people on the show was to have all the systems and to not favor any one of them too heavily. I hope the balance continues. :)

  8. avatar Nogrick says:

    The Sony letter was fine. I think I was probably being too critical since it was the first episode. Then again you did say a lot of things that you were happy about with Sony. So thats cool. I just get kinda burned when people burn any system, but I guess that comes with working at a game store and trying to be a balanced salesman.

    By the way, you guys must have some crappy associates at your EB/GameStops or whatever it is you guys have. I know I might not know everything about everything, but at least I don’t leave people totally helpless. I do get calls just about every day that could better be answered by a Customer Service rep than by me, so I at least try to give out their numbers to my customers.

  9. avatar Vick Hobster says:

    Thanks for this, gonna add this as a site to watch

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