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Dead Space 2 Announced?


I liked the first Dead Space.  I mean, I really liked the first Dead Space.

If you share my enthusiasm, then I would assume this news excites you as much as I.   Game Informer teased yet another “you’ve heard it here first” exclusive by showing off what would seem to be the first official artwork from Dead Space 2.  By looking at the art, we would be led to believe that everyone’s friendly, plasma-cutting, necromorph-stomping space engineer, Isaac Clarke, is set to return in the next visceral gritty installment, but it hasn’t been fully announced.

Albeit unconfirmed, it’s a possibility that Dead Space 2 is going to feature a multiplayer mode and whether that mode is competitive or cooperative (or both!), this gamer would welcome it with open arms.  Honestly, I would like to see them take a page out of Left 4 Dead‘s book and let players go against humans as the necromorphs themselves.

A guy can dream, right?

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  1. avatar Chris says:

    I still haven’t played the first one. :(
    I own it… but… yeah it’s still wrapped.

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