InDis – Ep 419 – SUPERHOT Thanksgiving

Episode 419

Audio Podcast

InDis – Ep 418 – Diablowing It

Episode 418

Audio Podcast

InDis – Ep 417 – The Cowboy Way

Episode 417

Audio Podcast


Message about Episode 300

As you can see, no episode 300 released yet.

We’re having some issues with the audio and we’re working to get through them.

In the mean time, episode 301 will be recorded either Thursday, October 10 or Friday, October 11.  We will be doing an email and InDisQuestion show so drop us a line:

Thanks a lot!

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  1. avatar BeWrong says:

    thought there was a problem loading the vid on twitch. it’s just so happen that the recording started about 3 minutes after. really sad that i wasn’t able to call in :( anyways congrats on the 300th episode!

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