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InDis – Ep 225 – Mailbag Time

Hey guys! Welcome to another week of the Interactive Distractions podcast! We’ve missed your lovely faces so much. Today we give you, yet another, mailbag special to enjoy, but first…

In Distractions…
Geoff is trying to find a way to get hooked into ME3…
Travis played LotR:WitN and is almost done with Dark Souls…
Chris finished his meanie FemShep in ME2 and getting back into ME3…

No news this week really, so after the intermission we conquer your E-mails, InDisQuestions, and New Releases then Kickstart a brand new Question of the Week!

No show notes this week, guys. Travis is still on a crappy Mac and our episode tagging software is only for real computers, so next time ladies and gents!

QotW: Is the new Kickstarter trend already getting worn out or will it leak into the mainstream?

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