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Episode 377

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InDis – Ep 376 – Vault Raider: Guardians

Episode 376

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Darksiders II

Darksiders II



InDis – Ep 223 – The Nickelback Fancast

First and foremost, sorry for all the NFL talk during introductions.

That being said, WELCOME to episode 223! It’s Trav, Chris, and Geoff and they are talking about the times we have had to defend our hobby of gaming. But first…

In Distractions…
Geoff played a weeeeeeee bit of Mass Effect 3. We take what we can get.
Travis focuses on the ending of ME3 (spoiler-free).
Chris is playing Mass Effect 2 ? ? ?

In News, the boys talk about Surgeon General warnings on video games, Priests with DS’, and DLC of the year in FFXIII-2.

After the intermission, is your feature, new releases, and a new Question of the Week!

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