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Vent: Why do you do this crap!

So recently on the show we talked about THQ and how much we love them and wanted you guys to support them.  I even mentioned that you guys should pick up Space Marine while it was $18 on Steam like I did.

We told everyone to buy Darksiders II as well.

We love THQ.  But we hate when publishers pull this kind of bullshit!

You would think that if THQ was really as bad off as they say they are, they would make good decisions and try to get people to actually preorder their games.  Instead, they give you this type of bullshit that makes people have to debate where they should by it and when they should buy it!

Here’s what they said they are giving those that preorder…

Gamestop: ‘Death Rides’ Pack-Features multiple exclusive side-quests allowing players to explore more of the Maker’s Realm and Dead Plains. In addition players will be able to aid an ancient Construct, battle The Bloodless and retrieve Karn’s lost treasure.

Best Buy: ‘Angel of Death’ Pack-Features enhanced armor with an angel inspired design as well as a pair of matching scythes. In addition players will receive an exclusive purple colored visual trail for their crow.

Amazon: ‘Deadly Despair’ Pack-Features an additional speed boost for Death’s horse Despair, that allows players to traverse the world at a much faster rate.

Now seriously, if GS has exclusive gameplay… does anyone REALLY give a shit about armor and you’re damn horse going faster.  Probably not.  But what if you’re like me and buy most of your games at BB and Amazon due to reward points and the like… well guess what… apparently we’re fucked.

I hate this crap.  Now, instead of preordering this game right away, I have to weigh my options and see if I can actually deal with not having extra gameplay in the sequel to one of the few games that I actually played enough to get the Platinum trophy.

Do publishers actually think gamers like exclusive content based on the retailer?  Do they actually think that there are people that don’t just want everything?

Thanks a lot THQ!

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  1. avatar thesau31 says:

    Money. The answer to your question is money.

    Money also happens to be what always fuels my purchases when it comes to location-specific-preorder items. Meaning, I’ll happily give money to Amazon or Best Buy regardless of bonuses, regardless of game, because they’re both companies I would much rather support before GS. (Not to mention that it’s always cheaper). If that content truly is important, then I’ll happily give some more money to THQ down the road when it becomes available as DLC.

  2. avatar Travis says:

    I feel you, Chris. This mess is bogus.

  3. avatar Chris says:

    @Scott… I’m with you dude. I will likely do the same thing.

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