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Buying Skyrim

Planning on buying Skyrim? Torn between which system to buy it for? I am here to tell you that, if you have a computer that can run it, the PC version will be the best bang for your buck.

For those of you who aren’t computer savvy or owned Morrowind or any recent Bethesda game on a console, you just might be oblivious to the ceaseless amounts of content the modding community offers to these games, and they are all free! Websites like TES Nexus and Planet Elder Scrolls allow for creative and skilled programmers, artists, and writers to show off their works. Not all of these mods are great, but who can complain about a mod allowing you to karate chop a dude’s head off? Or huge overhaul packs that add tons of new user-generated creatures, spells, weapons, etc.? And thankfully all of these customization capabilities have been promised, by Bethesda, to be in Skyrim.

I am in no way saying the game will not be good by itself, but with the PC version, you are guaranteed a hefty, long lasting gaming experience with a constant stream of free content. And if you so happen to find something wrong with the vanilla version of the game, be it a bug or feature you do not enjoy, it is likely there is a mod to mend it for enhanced gaming pleasure.

For those of you who are not planning on purchasing Skyrim upon release but are curious as to what I am talking about, I implore you to go buy Oblivion or Fallout 3 (both of which are only $20) and try installing a few mods. Who knows? Maybe you will get to experience life on the Capital Wasteland as an escaped slave scrounging for any bottle caps he can find so that he might pay Megaton’s doctor to cure his painful radiation poisoning; or maybe you will be transported from Cyrodiil to Nehrim, a lush fan-created world full of new and refreshing adventures. All of these, free of charge!

Regardless of what you decide, Skyrim ships with the same possibilities for modification offered in these games. So when you choose what system to buy Skyrim on, choose PC. You will not regret it (unless your computer can’t handle it)!

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