InDis – Ep 422 – Game of the Year 2018

Episode 422

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InDis – Ep 421 – A Giant Bombshell Guest

Episode 421

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InDis- Ep 420 – Insert Weed Joke Here

Episode 420

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InDis – Ep 024 – Pirates a’plenty

24! God I love that show! I hope it comes back soon… Damn writers strike!

Anyway… shorter episode, but still good stuff. First… we must announce… “Uncle Chris.” Yup, Chris is now “kinda” an uncle since his Fiancee’s sister had a little one on May 1st!

Distractions this week. Chris is back into Rock Band apparently and lets everyone know why he missed Warhawk Wednesday. The trio all got GTA4, so we do a little first impressions round table on the game.

Then Geoff has some news as usual.

After the intermission we talk about the Piracy and how it’s hurting the industry. Sure… we may all be guilty of it one way or or another, but it is hurting. And we have some news stories as well as some emails that help us explain how.

Short email segment and then the new Question of the Week and then we are done. Enjoy teh InDis!


000:00 – Content, introductions and announcements
004:17 – Jason’s Distractions
008:44 – Geoff’s Distractions
010:02 – Chris’ Distractions
018:08 – GTA4 talk
030:44 – News
050:56 – Intermission
052:32 – How is Piracy Hurting?
090:44 – New Releases
095:33 – Voicemails/Emails
104:10 – New Question of the Week

Thanks for listening!

Question of the week: GTA? That’s it… open ended question. Send us the first thing you think of.

Some notes:
Gamespot changes rating for GTA4 from 9.5 to 10
Prince of Persia screen
Mega Pedal – Metal Bass Pedal Replacement for Rock Band

So… these are real questions we would like feed back on…
Remember, the InDis email line is open 24/7.
Want more features that are about specific games? Have a suggestion for the Question of the Week? Have other feed back to give us? Drop us a line at or …

We also have a new voicemail line so feel free to give us a call and if it fits, we’ll play it on the show!
New Voicemail Line:
818-528-GAME (4263)
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Join us for Warhawk Wednesdays!

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