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Episode 410

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Episode 409

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InDis – Ep 408 – Life is busy

Episode 408

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InDis – Ep 020 – Chicks in Gaming Vol 1

Hey look at that. We made it to Episode 20! And we have a special guest!

Unfortunatly, we have no Jason. He was sick again with some flu like symptoms, but he’s doing ok and should be back for the next show.

As usual, we have distractions. We talk a bit more about Crisis Core and LostOdyssey. For some reason, Chris started playing Conan… wait … what? Yes, Conan. Also, more year-and-a-half-old FFXII talk for you guys as Chris’ latest endeavor as actually gotten Geoff back into the game as well.

News as usual. Then it’s on to the feature. Leading ladies… hellz yeah! Nariko is hot… oh sorry. We got some great emails from our kick ass listeners as well as a voicemail.

We finish off the week with New releases this week as we didn’t have any non-feature based emails and without Jason around, we didn’t get to talk about what we wanted to do next week, so keep your eyes pealed on this post and we’ll update as soon as we have something.
000:00 – Content, introductions and announcements
002:55 – Geoff’s Distractions
014:15 – ???’s Distractions
024:00 – Chris’ Distractions
048:53 – News
060:20 – Intermission
060:48 – Leading ladies in games.
110:20- New Releases

Thanks for listening!

Question of the week: ???

Check back later for the question of the week. Sorry. :(

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