InDis – Ep 410 – Breath of Fresh Air

Episode 410

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Episode 409

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InDis – Ep 190 – Get Off My Lawn

Hello youngin’s! The new episode of InDis is upon you and Trav, Chris, and Geoff are here to explain to you why kids hate video games these days. Maybe not so much, but at least we tried to. But first…

In Distractions….
Geoff tries to play God in From Dust…
Chris is hacking and slashing in the Bastion…
and Travis (and Geoff) is spending some quality time with Catherine.

We give you guys a “two-fer” is news today…

After the Bastion-inspired break, we discuss whether the younger generation of gamers are too stuck in their comfort zone to try other genres of games.

After that, RPT finally returns for New Releases and then we hit up our new QOTW and announce a new contest.

Here be yo notez:

000:00 – Introductions and Announcements
013:25 – Geoff’s Distractions
020:44 – Chris’ Distractions
028:30 – Travis’ Distractions
049:50 – News
062:15 – Intermission – “Zia’s song” from BASTION
064:51 – Feature
101:15 – New Releases w/RPT
106:10 – New Question of the Week

706-760-4337 (it’s almost leet, but it’s not)
Google talk –

QotW- In light of the recent price drop of the 3DS, are you least likely to keep buying new systems day 1?

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