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Episode 410

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InDis – Ep 017 – One Console?

There were a couple of people that mentioned that the volume consistency was a little off last week. As I said, I was attempting to edit a different way. I went back to the old way this week so hopefully it’s a little better. Also did a few things differently so let me know how it sounds.

This week, Distractions as usual. Chris vents a little about Mass Effect’s DLC.
Then on to news. It should be known that we talk about SSFIITHDR (wow) and how it’s “not gimped” on either console. It should be known that it was shortly after we recorded the podcast, it was announced that Capcom was allowed to exceed the XBLA limit.

After the break, it’s on to the feature. The One console future. Some of us were for it to start, but after some forum discussion and an even scarier hypothetical situation brought up by Geoff… now we’re a bit scared of the idea.

Then we have New Releases, listener email and the new question of the week (and Jason’s Jack-In-The-Box) and what do you get?
EPISODE 17 of the Interactive Distractions Podcast.

000:00 – Content, introductions and announcements
006:04 – Jason’s Distractions
009:40 – Geoff’s Distractions
016:16 – Chris’ Distractions
033:29 – News
060:27 – Intermission
061:58 – The One Console Future
100:46 – New Releases
108:18 – Emails
120:08 – New Question of the week

Thanks for listening!

Question of the week: How do you feel about movies made from games?

So… these are real questions we would like feed back on…
Remember, the InDis email line is open 24/7.
Want more features that are about specific games? Have a suggestion for the Question of the Week? Want to tell us the audio still sucks? Drop us a line at or …

We also have a new voicemail line so feel free to give us a call and if it fits, we’ll play it on the show!
New Voicemail Line:
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