InDis – Ep 422 – Game of the Year 2018

Episode 422

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InDis – Ep 421 – A Giant Bombshell Guest

Episode 421

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InDis- Ep 420 – Insert Weed Joke Here

Episode 420

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InDis – Ep 095 – 8Bit Justification

So here we go…

We start out with some zombie talk and big news about INDISFEEEEEEEST!  Hopefully you guys will enjoy this news!

Distractions next.  Some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2  talk and some info about a new Free to play MMO… beat-em-up… what?

News is up after that.  Info about a sequel to a game that we all love coming to the US and some EXCITING news about Uncharted 2… which also leads Chris on to a rant.

During the intermission, we play a little sample that relates directly with our earlier announcement about INDISFEEEEEEST!

After the break… we talk all about technology and whether or not the advancements we’ve seen justifies the increased prices we’re seeing this generation… or are they increased… hmmm…

New releases with RPT, listener email and voice mail… and we find out who is drunk dialing us.

Finally another winner of Fallout from Good Old Games and a question of the week that is the number 1 stolen idea from another podcast!  :)

So… Back to normal and here with episode 95.

000:00 – Content, introductions and announcements
011:12 – Jason’s Distractions
018:56 – Geoff’s Distractions
030:55 – Chris’ Distractions
039:59 – News
057:26 – 8-bit w0nderful intermission
060:44 – Technology and pricing
102:57 – New Releases
110:34 – Listener Email
121:49 – Contest winners
123:25 – New Question of the Week

Question of the Week: What are your top 5 consoles that you’ve enjoyed playing games on?

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