InDis – Ep 422 – Game of the Year 2018

Episode 422

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InDis – Ep 421 – A Giant Bombshell Guest

Episode 421

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InDis- Ep 420 – Insert Weed Joke Here

Episode 420

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InDis – Ep 161 – GotFUY

All four of the InDis normals are with you this week.

In Distractions… Jason is playing a lot of Red Dead, Travis is only playing ME2 and RB3, Geoff talks about some of the stuff he play on Steam on his new PC, and Chris hit up some of the nominees that he hadn’t played yet.

We skip news and go right to break.  After the break we come back and talk about our listeners’ choice award.  Then it’s on to our Games of the Year

We go right to the new Question of the week afterward and end things off.

This is a long one so find s0meplace comfy and check out GotY episode 161

000:00 – Introductions and Announcements
006:36 – Jason’s Distractions
024:58 – Travis’ Distracitons
026:47 – Geoff’s Distractions
033:16 – Chris’ Distracitons
043:45 – Intermission
044:23 – Listeners’ Choice
057:55 – Portable GotY?
068:23 – Downloadable GotY
075:51 – Wii GotY
085:29 – 360 GotY
094:37 – PS3 GotY
105:02 – Multiplatform GotY
129:47 – Lair/Too Human Award
139:50 – Intermission 2… wait what?
140:46 – Game of the Year
190:39 – New Question of the Week

OQotW2: What predictions did you get right/wrong in 2010?

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706-760-4337 (it’s almost leet, but it’s not)
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