InDis – Ep 422 – Game of the Year 2018

Episode 422

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InDis – Ep 421 – A Giant Bombshell Guest

Episode 421

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InDis- Ep 420 – Insert Weed Joke Here

Episode 420

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InDis – Ep 154 – Mailbag The Deuce

For our 2nd mailbag extravaganza, we bring on InDis producer Glenn Burgess (from the Expletive Deleted Podcast) as we discuss dead 360’s, InDisSicknesses, and the aftermath of InDisFest: The Deuce.

In Distractions…
Travis is hopped up on CODBOPs and Assassin’s Creed: Bro’hood….
Glenn tells us what his wife has been playing plus his thoughts on finishing Halo Reach….
Geoff solves the mystery that is Fable 3….
Chris played a little Valkyria 2 more and has finally jumped into Enslaved along with Gee-mon.

After news…we break into intermission and then we jump head strong into the mailbag for the feature this week. We then polish off the show with new releases starring RPT and a new QoTW.

You want show notes…. you got ’em!!!

000:00 – Introductions and Announcements
018:22 – Glenn’s Distractions
028:15 – Geoff’s Distractions
041:36 – Travis’ Distractions 056:34 – Chris’ Distractions
069:00 – News
077:40 – Intermission
070:50 – MAILBAG!
130:29 – New Releases w/ RPT
136:20 – New Question of the Week
706-760-4337 (it’s almost leet, but it’s not)
Google talk –

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