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Contest Winners!!1!1one!

Interactive Distractions wrapped up 2 contests while recording last night and we’re posting the results here first.

The two contests we wrapped up: our twitter contest to win Tatsunoko vs Capcom and our GoWIII ESRB rating contest to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.So we’ll start with our twitter contest.  We had lots of entries for this one.  The winner is one of our loyal listeners, snakeozilla!  Congrats to you sir!

Next… our God of War III ESRB rating contest.  We have 2 to mention.

The first is our runner up. One of our favorite listeners because of his InDis stats and other wonderful emails he sends us, ConfidenceMan.  Now… we didn’t actually read his on the show because it would lose all of it’s meaning.  He sent us images of the Darksiders ESRB description with a few words crossed out here and there to make it God of War… the weird thing is that it worked… and it worked really REALLY well.  So ConfidenceMan, you didn’t win, but we wanted to give you props for your creativity.

ConfidenceMan’s entry:
Disclaimer:  This is NOT a true ESRB rating for God of War III or any other game for that matter.  This was created for contest purposes only and should not be used for anything  other than entertainment.

So, great idea ConfidenceMan!  We should expect nothing less from the creator of “InDisStats.”  Keep it up!

Our winner, mainly b/c none of us could stop laughing while Travis was reading it.  Terin aka Ryan Smith.  Seriously, there was crying involved due to the laughter. Geoff had to mute his mic a few times because he couldn’t control himself.  Congrats Ryan, and great job.

God of War 3
Platform: PS3
Rating Summary:
Bitch this the third one if you don’t know how it be you ain’t gonna know!
So you got yo main man Kratos, and he all up in that heavenly Kool-Aid
bitch-slappin Zeus and makin Athena all “ooh Kray-Kray be my baby daddy!”
But yo man ain’t havin it cuz little kids piss him off, and he don’t wanna go
out like that bitch Cronus.  So Athena, she mad, but Kray don’t care he got mad
Titan pussy and all the Titan homies be hatin.  So anyway, Kray has to go through
some QTE and press X or some bullshit like dat, just to prove to
everyone that he’s ballin outa control!  The fighting in this game is off da hook,
with moves so fresh yo mama wants some. He’ll get with that too, he don’t give a fuck
about a vase.  Yo boy flies, fights, and moves boxes like UPS, nobody can handle
him!  I think that red paint gives him some kind of power, but he’d prolly kick
my ass if he knew I knew, so keep it on da low.  This game is Mature cuz Kratos
don’t like kids.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to test his shit neither.

Congratulations to Ryan Smith, winner of our first ever monthly Amazon Gift Card Contest!  Keep an eye out for the contest for March.  That one should be interesting.

Later people.

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  1. avatar thesau31 says:

    Very creative! Love the article title too!!!!!111111oneoneoneonewonwonwon.
    …. won.

  2. avatar Terin says:

    Hoooray!!!! Glad you guys enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun to write up!

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