InDis – Ep 410 – Breath of Fresh Air

Episode 410

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InDis – Ep 409 – Vast Horizons

Episode 409

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InDis – Ep 408 – Life is busy

Episode 408

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InDis – Ep 046 – InDis Nation Vol 1!

We just like to change things up on you a lot.

This week, Jason is out.  But we’re joined by Glenn AND Mark from PSNation.  (What the hell were we thinking?)

This weeks distractions… including some talk about “sports ball” as Mark would put it.  Wait… Sports game talk on InDis.  What the hell is this world coming too.  Chris can’t seem to stop playing Castle Crashers either!

Then it’s on to News.  After the break, stories, stories and more stories.  We get lots of email talking about when people were embarrassed to admit they were gamers.

New Releases.  A Rebuttal email of sorts (what are we… the Goo?).  Then some announcements about a new Contest, an event we’re planning for in Janauary, and a very important Charity drive we’re taking part of.

Wow… that’s a whole lot of InDis.


000:00 – Content, introductions and announcements
005:50 – Glenn’s Distractions
012:09 – Mark’s Distractions
019:30 – Geoff’s Distractions
038:15 – Chris’ Distractions
044:43 – News
062:18 – Intermission
063:29 – Times we were embarrassed to admit we were gamers!
128:48 – New Releases
132:05 – Emails
137:28 – New Question of the Week

Thanks for listening!

Question of the Week: How do you feel about multiple hardware skus and revisions?

So… these are real questions we would like feed back on…
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